My Collectible's Want List

I'm interested in buying or trading for any of the following:

Jazz LPs

Denny Zeitlin albums:

Note: if any of the above are available on CD, I'd be even more interested! For example, Cathexis, Denny Zeitlin's debut album as a leader (and a very fine album it is!), was briefly available on CD as part of the French CD series "Jazzotheque" on Sony (the French arm of Sony). Catalog # was Sony/Columbia 01-467709-10, although on the spine the catalog # is listed as COL 4677092. In any case, it seems to be gone now. I do have a copy, though, so I know it exists.

Update:Cathexis has been released by Collectables Jazz Classics on a single CD along with 5 tracks from Carnival.

The other Zeitlin album that may or may not be available on CD is Tidal Wave. I have the LP, but the cassette still shows up in catalogs as if it were still in print. My LP was released on Palo Alto Jazz, but the cassette lists as a Quicksilver Records release, catalog # 1712 4007 4. Is there a corresponding CD release? I've never been able to find out, but I'd sure like to get one if there is.

Jazz CDs

Classical LPs

Conlon Nancarrow albums: Note: I already have Volume III of the 1750 Arch series.

Books and Sheet Music

Authentic Star Trek Items

I've recently gotten into collecting authentic Star Trek pre-production artwork, signage, props, etc. See my Star Trek Museum page for examples.

If you've got costumes, props, artwork, signs, or other set-dressing items, etc. that were built for the show (any incarnation -- original series, TNG, DS9, Voyager, or any of the movies) that you want to sell, please let me know.

UPDATE: Well, the Star Trek collecting started getting expensive, and my finances started weakening, so I'm pretty much inactive as a collector right now. If I manage to make an "Internet million" or two, I'll probably start up again; until then, I'm not really in the market for Trek stuff unless the items are authentic and the prices are really reasonable.

Syd Mead items

Ever since attending Syd Mead's lecture/talk at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco in October of 1996 and viewing his incredible collection of paintings at his "Bright Red Mysteries" show, I've become a big Mead fan. Mead never sells his originals to anyone. Even when commissioning a painting from him, you don't get to keep the original; you just get to photograph it and use the image. So fans have to be satisfied with prints of his work. If you've got Mead prints in good condition for sale, please let me know.

I'm less interested in prints of his movie work (although the Blade Runner pre-production paintings are spectacular!). I'm most interested in his "racing", "future of Los Angeles", and "space habitat" works. I have the recent "200th Kentucky Derby" print, and it's great! I also have the Smithsonian exhibit poster.

To be honest, I'm kind of a new fan, so I don't even know what prints may have been released earlier. I recall seeing a print of "Running of the Six Drgxx" at the San Diego Comic-Con a few years ago. I'd love to get ahold of a copy, as it'd make a nice pair with the "200th Kentucky Derby" print, as would a print of "Race in Space Ball" if it exists.

Anyway, if anyone has Syd Mead

for sale, I'm interested. Send me some e-mail and let me know what you've got.

If you're curious about Mead, here are a few links (with artwork samples) to check out:

The World of Syd Mead A nice overview, with many scans of Mead's artwork.
Supersonic Baroque Contains some scans of Mead's work, and a couple of RealAudio snippets of Mead talking about his work. Be sure to follow the link to the readers' feedback about the article. Peter Tupper's assesment of Mead's artwork is succinct and eloquent, and, I think, quite perceptive. I really can't reduce his comments or state them better than he already did, so follow the link to read them for yourself.
StarChild Opera An unusual opera for which Syd Mead did the set design work. Scans of Mead's conceptual paintings for various scenes of the opera can be found here in the Set Design area.
Syd Mead: designer; futurist; god A fan site with a few images not found elsewhere. Includes a photo of the famous futurist himself.


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