Rare Soundtrack CD's for Sale or Trade

I collect movie soundtrack recordings on CD. You'd be surprised how often a soundtrack is released only to go out of print a year or two later. This causes many soundtrack CDs that were once readily available at malls and superstores everywhere to become rare collectibles after a very short time.

Many movie soundtrack CDs are produced only in limited quantities, sell for high prices to the collector community, and then are never pressed again. Most such discs never appear in regular stores; instead, they are available only from the half-dozen or so soundtrack recording specialty stores around the world. If you're not a collector who's aware of this small distribution network, then you probably never get to see these discs; odds are you wouldn't even know they existed.

Finally, some movie soundtrack CDs are available in other countries, but are rare here in the US because there is no domestic release, or the domestic release falls into one of the catagories listed above, i.e., it was released here as a limited edition pressing, or was simply allowed to go out of print and has not been re-pressed since.

Here, then, are a few discs of varying degrees of rarity, that I would like to trade for stuff on my want-list, or sell for the listed price. If you're interested in buying or trading for these discs, drop me a line at


Note that for purposes of trades, I'm generally not interested in soundtrack song CDs like The Big Chill, Pulp Fiction, or the Forest Gump song collections.


On Consignment

Write me if you have collectable soundtrack CDs you want to sell through this section of my Web page.

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