ITEC 745: Instructional Web Authoring 1
Spring 2010

Class Description

Instructional Web Authoring I is designed for students who are interested in exploring the instructional uses of the World Wide Web. In particular, you will create a short web-based e-learning course to teach a topic of your choosing. Along the way, you will learn some real-world strategies for managing the complexity of an e-learning course, and you'll explore some instructional design principles that are especially relevant to the creation of mediated learning.

Regardless of your intended application, the underlying technology of the web is the same. So what you learn in this class by creating a short e-learning course will also be directly applicable to many other web projects you may find useful in your classroom, company, or personal life.

This class will give you a solid grounding in web authoring fundamentals, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Fluency with XHTML and CSS, the two primary technical components you have to master in order to write standards-based web pages
  2. Use of Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry standard tool for writing web pages
  3. The application of instructional design principles craft effective web sites that support the needs of learners, instructors, and instructional designers
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